Vindkraftverk i solnedgång


Eolus is exploring the possibility of establishing a wind power facility in an area known as “Norrmogen” in Lindesberg Municipality. The area is located approximately 12 km southwest of Skinnskatteberg and just over 23 km northeast of Lindesberg in Örebro County. The project area is approximately 7.5 km² and is expected to be able to accommodate up to 11 wind turbines with a maximum height of 250 metres. The land in the project area is owned by Sveaskog.

Karta över Norrmogen

The consultation is concluded

The public consultation was held during November and December 2021. The resulting consultation paper is available below. There is also a link below to our consultation portal, which provides an overall picture of the project. It includes, for example, interactive maps, a photo montage and a recorded presentation of the project, as well as information about the consultation exhibition held in Resta bygdegård in November.


Download the consultation paper

Appendix 1 Photo montage

Appendix 1 Photo montage, low resolution

Link to the consultation portal

Permit process

Establishing a wind power facility takes time, many years in fact. The construction and operation of a wind farm requires permits in accordance with the Swedish Environmental Code. Before the application for environmental permits is submitted, consultations are held with authorities, organisations, the general public and those individuals who may be deemed to be particularly affected by the establishment.

Consultations on the project were held during 2021. The next step is to compile all the comments received and to continue working on project development with the aim of submitting a permit application together with the related environmental impact assessment.

The permit process is illustrated in the figure below.

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