The Norweigian projects Öyfjellet and Stigafjellet

Eolus has conducted operations in Norway since 2012. In Norway, like Sweden, Eolus is able to develop projects independently, acquire ongoing projects, acquire permitted projects and divest project rights at any time throughout the value chain. Projects in the Norwegian market are often characterized by challenging terrain and complex infrastructure, but also high average wind speeds, which leads to high generation in established facilities.

Eolus has two high-priority projects in Norway, one of which – Öyfjellet – is Eolus’s largest permitted project to date in all markets. Öyfjellet, which was granted a final permit by the Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (OED) in November 2016, comprises a maximum capacity of 440 MW after NVE in October 2018 granted increased concession from 330 MW. Eolus’s aim is that the project will be realized within the framework of the Swedish-Norwegian Electricity Certificate System. The project is currently being optimized in terms of farm layout and economic value. Wind speeds are being measured at four sites in the project area and grid capacity has been reserved. To see a movie from the construction of the wind met masts at Öyfjellet click here.  A fifteen-year Power Purchase Agreement have been signed with Alcoa meaning they will buy all electricity produced in the wind farm to supply their production plant in Mosjöen with renewable locally produced electricity. Sales process is initiated.

Project Öyfjellet has a web page that can be reached by clicking here.

The fully permitted project, Stigafjellet, in the Municipality of Bjerkreim comprises 30 MW and the wind farm is sold to ewz who will take over the facility upon completion which is expected during the second half of 2020.

*The photos above are from the installation of wind measurement equipment at Öyfjellet.