Project portfolio

Eolus conducts extensive design operations for facilities for renewable electricity generation and energy storage in various markets.

The tables below present the project portfolio, reported by the technology that Eolus is currently working with, the countries in which the projects are located and the stage of development. The portfolio develops over time as projects are commenced, completed and implemented. The portfolio contains projects that Eolus has begun itself and projects under development or permitted projects acquired from other developers. Just as Eolus is able to acquire project rights from others, the company can also sell project rights if this is deemed appropriate from a business perspective. Eolus can also develop projects in conjunction with other companies.

Eolus currently works with onshore wind power, offshore wind power, solar power and battery storage. The largest share of wind power in the portfolio is located in Sweden, while the greatest proportion of solar power and energy storage is currently in the US. 

Project portfolio in MW by technology as at 31 December 2021


Onshore wind


Offshore wind


Solar power


Energy storage



Project portfolio in MW by market and development phase as at 31 December 2021

Late phase40912517209701 676
Early phase6 016450213881762124 13611 410
Total6 7628501465711762125 10613 823