Lease your land for renewable electricity generation

Eolus is always looking for suitable sites that can contribute to the generation of renewable electricity from wind and solar. Perhaps you or your company have some land or properties that you are interested in leasing out for the generation of renewable energy? Please get in touch with us here at Eolus for an initial assessment of your property or properties. 

There are several factors affecting the possibility of establishing a wind or solar power project at a particular site. One of these is that it must be possible to co-exist with other community interests such as housing, nature and wildlife and the interests of the military. It must also be possible to establish a reasonable connection to the electricity grid and, last but not least, there must be enough wind or sun. Those who choose to lease their land for the generation of renewable electricity do not need to invest in the facilities themselves. The rent payable is usually based on a percentage of the revenue from the facilities.

How we assess the possibilities

When Eolus receives an expression of interest in leasing land for the generation of renewable electricity, we make an initial review of the property/properties based on maps showing potential conflicting community interests as well as the results of wind and solar surveys. It is important that we have as much information as possible to enable us to evaluate the site and its potential for renewable electricity generation. One of the things we need is the property references. Once Eolus has reviewed the information, we will give you our decision on whether or not your land is of interest to us for a potential establishment.

Register your interest

Register your interest by completing the form to submit information about your property. If you are also able to include a map of the property/ properties, this would be appreciated.