The 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals

The objectives of the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals are to eliminate extreme poverty, reduce global inequality and injustice, promote peace and justice, and solve the climate crisis. Comprising 17 targets, it is the most ambitious agenda for sustainable development that the countries of the world have ever adopted. Eolus’s operations touch on several of these global goals, and we have identified five that are relevant to our operations and where Eolus can make the most significant contributions.

Through developing, establishing and managing renewable energy facilities, Eolus is contributing to the global energy transformation. Technological innovation has reduced the cost of renewable electricity generation and we are continuously striving to establish renewable energy facilities at the lowest possible cost per megawatt-hour, which is creating attractive investment opportunities. Today, we are actively engaged in several markets in Europe and the US to promote the transformation of energy systems and to combat climate change around the world.

Eolus does not produce or develop new energy technologies but promotes technological development by continuously evaluating and using new technological innovation that suits the conditions of our projects and customer requests. As one of the leading Nordic project developers, Eolus has helped to introduce new wind turbine models from various manufacturers on several occasions in Sweden, and we are currently evaluating hybrid solutions for new and existing projects.

As a company, Eolus strives to create value at every level. Our core business is helping to reduce GHG emissions, but we also have a greater social responsibility to create a meaningful and productive workplace for our employees and to provide a work-life balance. Eolus also has high ambitions when it comes to reducing the risk of occupational injuries and illness. That is why we are actively engaged in developing a systematic approach to OHS management and improving the procedures that safeguard a good work environment.

According to the IEA, women account for only 22% of employees in the energy sector. To ensure a continued pipeline of competence in the energy sector, the industry needs to attract more employees, including a greater proportion of women. As a company in a growth phase, Eolus has an ability to contribute here by engaging actively to achieve a better gender balance both in our functions and in our senior positions.

Creating a sustainable society requires a fair distribution of resources and an inclusive society where no one is left behind. Eolus is committed to promoting diversity and, since the company is in a growth phase, this involves increasing the number of recruitments and employees. This will enable a structured approach for reducing inequalities and reducing the incidence of unequal outcomes. We have internal guidelines for diversity and equal treatment, and we are developing a plan to ensure its implementation in practice.

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