Sustainability Reporting and Rankings

We want our sustainability reports to be as open and transparent as possible, and we are actively engaged in evaluating the external rankings that include the company.

Sustainability reporting

Eolus has issued a Sustainability Report since 2017/2018. To guide and inspire this process, Eolus reported the material sustainability topics – the environment, social responsibility, and the economy – used by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

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Currently, we are engaged in expanding our sustainability reporting, and are reporting more systematically on aspects such as equality, CO2 emissions, energy use, and so on; we are also setting both qualitative and quantitative targets that are in line with Eolus’s business plan and strategy.

Sustainability rankings

Sustainability rankings have become increasingly important for our stakeholders, and Eolus is evaluated annually by a number of entities. The sustainability rankings make use of publicly available information in order to evaluate a company’s sustainability efforts. We are routinely engaged with the rankings that include Eolus as a company, and the reports serve as a tool for improving our sustainability efforts. A brief description of the entities we actively work with and links to our latest updated rankings are provided below.

Vindkraftverk i solnedgång


The ESG ranking, which is targeted toward listed companies, uses a two-dimensional materiality framework that measures both a company’s exposure to industry-specific material risks and how well the company manages the risks identified.

Sustainalytics ESG risk ranking 2022

Dagens industri (DI) – Sustainable companies

Two industry periodicals – Dagens Industri (DI) and Aktuell Hållbarhet – together with Lund University conduct an annual ranking of sustainability efforts among listed companies in Sweden. The ranking is conducted using a study of reports and websites that is supplemented by a questionnaire that the company responds to.

DI Hållbara bolag 2021

Sustainability contacts