Our Social Responsibility

Eolus aims to be a responsible company that contributes to social development and to the achievement of our emissions reduction targets. We strive to maximize our positive impact and minimize the potentially negative effects of our activities at every stage.

Human Rights

Eolus supports internationally recognized conventions on human rights and labor standards. Eolus has zero tolerance for child labor, forced labor and human trafficking. Our work in this area is aligned with the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact, which is the world’s largest corporate sustainability initiative. Respecting human rights is part of our Code of Conduct and our Human Rights Policy.


Diversity and Inclusiveness

We believe that diversity and different points of view are a strength for both our business and society at large and therefore work to promote diversity and equal opportunity. Eolus works systematically with both psychosocial and physical risks in the workplace and has zero tolerance for all forms of discrimination and harassment. This is clearly described in our Code of Conduct and internal guidelines for diversity and fair treatment. Eolus’s employees are urged to report misconduct, both internal and external, to their line manager, HR or anonymously via our whistleblowing system.

Health and safety

wind farm construction (5)

Our aim is that everyone who works for Eolus shall have a safe and healthy work environment. Eolus has a zero accident vision for its employees as well as the contractors in our projects. The objective is to create a physical and mentally sound and stimulating workplace for all employees, contractors and everyone else involved. We therefore work proactively to integrate health and safety into every aspect of our business. Great emphasis is placed on preventive measures where Group Management, employees and Health and Safety Officers work together. Read more in our Code of Conduct and Work Environment Policy.

Accidents, near missess and risk observations are reported in our HSE reporting system to systematize Eolus’s management of HSE issues and make it possible to minimize risks and therefore the number of accidents.


Eolus believes that a safe and healthy workplace should include opportunities for our employees to grow and develop. We have a competence development process where employees and managers sit down together to review the training that employees are required to complete and any other needs for development. The HR function compiles a list of competencies required by the organization and, if necessary, procures tailored training programs for the company. We focus not only on traditional training but also on peer learning, which is when employees learn from each other. We therefore encourage and facilitate initiatives where employees can learn about their colleagues’ specialist skills via, for example, meetings and the intranet.

Social engagement

The development and permitting of renewable energy facility projects is governed by a series of laws and regulations that ensure the facilities can coexist with other community interests. Eolus has long experience of local dialogue and a strong focus on involving and respecting the people who live and work close to our project areas. Engaging in dialogue for a positive development of the local community near our projects is a material sustainability topic for Eolus. We have a responsibility to listen, understand and cooperate around the varying – and sometimes contradictory – interests of stakeholders in order to find solutions and to make a local contribution. All projects have their own communication plan to ensure clear and transparent communication and to prioritize dialogue in all project phases.


Our aim is to contribute to the positive development of local communities in the project’s catchment area. Since every project has different conditions, we adapt our initiatives accordingly. Our goal is to always promote local jobs wherever possible and we grant wind funds for several farms that are operational.


We also contribute to knowledge-building and have formed longterm collaborations with several colleges and universities.



Norwegian Transparency Act

The Norwegian Transparency Act aims to promote respect for human rights and decent working conditions among companies, while at the same time ensuring the public’s access to information. The law requires large Norwegian companies, as well as large foreign companies that offer products and services in Norway, to carry out due diligence assessments in accordance with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation, and Development (OECD) Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. This involves mapping, preventing, accounting for and following up on how the company handles actual and potential negative consequences for human rights and decent working conditions. Companies must examine both their own operations, supply chain and business partners to uncover potential and any actual consequences for human rights and decent working conditions.


Report according to the Norwegian Transparency Act for Eolus Vind Norge Holding AS – English version

Rapport i henhold til den norske åpenhetsloven for Eolus Vind Norge Holding AS – norsk versjon