Solnedgång i bergigt landskap

Asset management the Eolus way: Hassle-free with maximum profit

Do you have a commissioned solar, wind or storage facility? Or are you planning to invest in wind power, solar power or energy storage? Then it is a good idea to let us here at Eolus take care of operation and management for you.

Our complete concept of asset management provides hassle-free ownership of facilities, whatever their size, where production is maximised and the security of your investment comes first. Whatever the size of the facilities.

Eolus offers wind farm owners a package of operation and management services to maximise the return from the facilities over time. The package contains services in three categories: Financial administration, Technical services and Work environment, health and safety. Through the professional management of all aspects relating to operations – surveillance, control, monitoring, administration and contact with the selected service provider – we keep the facility’s availability high and minimise downtime. At present, our asset management services are designed for wind power facilities, but when Eolus establishes facilities for renewable electricity generation with other technologies and facilities for energy storage, we plan to offer similar services for them too.

A competent partner

Our driving force is that our customers should see Eolus as a partner that does everything possible to maximise availability and minimise operating costs over the life of their facility. At the same time, we take care of all other practical and administrative aspects. Since Eolus was founded in 1990, we have installed more than 660 wind turbines and we manage a growing portfolio of facilities of various sizes – from individual turbines to larger wind farms – on behalf of customers such as Munich Re, ewz, Aquila Capital, KGAL and Cubico Sustainable Investments. Over the years, we have built up extensive expertise in the operation and administration of wind power facilities, which we are proud to offer to our customers through the asset management segment. The hub of the centre of expertise is the subsidiary Eolus Wind Power Management where knowledge is offered on a consultative basis, both externally to turbine customers and manufacturers, and internally within the organisation during the project development and installation phases.

Three reasons to choose Eolus’s operation and management services

Competence and safety

Extensive knowledge, long experience and a personal contact for all matters relating to your facility.

Transparency and control

Monthly reports that provide a clear description of your facility and its performance.

Maximised profit with minimum effort

Professional management means less downtime and optimal production. 

The total package: More about our services

Eolus offers a total solution – a complete service package for operation and management, but as our customer, you can choose to purchase the elements you need. We provide technical operation and all administration of a facility – including responsibility for electrical operations, occupational health and safety, handling of REMIT-related issues, accounting and financial statements and insurance. Eolus also serves as the point of contact in dealings with the facility’s relevant suppliers, regulators and insurance companies. Our staff check and monitor the facility via the company’s operations centre, follow up planned and unplanned service, make regular visits to the site, conduct inspections of the facility and ensure compliance with regulatory conditions and requirements.


The company’s operation and management services are offered on all markets where the company operates.

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