Solnedgång i bergigt landskap

Our business is renewable electricity generation without limits

Eolus’ activities in wind power, solar power and energy storage range from design and development to the operation and management of turnkey facilities.

The company began life as a wind power developer back in 1990. We have taken all our experience with us as we broadened our technology content to include more than just onshore wind power in Sweden. Eolus operates in various countries and within different technologies to promote the transition to a sustainable society.

Our strategy is to focus on projects that are well placed to be realised, regardless of technology or market, and to develop them with the highest possible quality at the lowest possible cost. The aim? To offer the end investors facilities that provide the lowest cost per MWh generated over the lifetime of the plant.

Technology-neutral for flexibility and the best possible conditions

The company’s main business concept is to design and construct facilities for renewable energy and energy storage. The choice of technology is determined by the site and the prevailing market conditions. Most of our projects are realised through the sale of turnkey facilities, but the project portfolio is also sometimes realised through the sale of project rights for permitted projects and projects in development. Eolus also acquires projects in development or companies. We offer complete operation and management services for hassle-free ownership of facilities for renewable energy or energy storage – whether built by us here at Eolus or by other developers.

Eolus currently conducts operations in the Nordic region, the Baltics, Poland and the US. Eolus entered the Polish market in early 2021. 

“Eolus aims to develop and offer its customers attractive facilities for renewable electricity generation and energy storage. The best technology or mix of technologies varies over time and between markets.”