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Eolus management

The Board of Directors appointed Per Witalisson as CEO of Eolus and made him responsible for the company’s day-to-day operations, in accordance with the provisions of the Swedish Companies Act and the Board’s guidelines and directives. The other members of the Group Management are Karl Olsson, Catharina Persson and Karin Wittsell Heydl.

Per Witalisson


Born: 1971


Employed since 2006 and CEO since August 2012. Master of Business Administration. Previously worked as an auditor at Ernst & Young from 1996–2006, including as an authorised public accountant from 2003–2006.


Other roles:
Chair of Rockneby Vind AB and Långmarken Wind AB. Board member of Hästhalla Wind AB and Triventus AB.


Class A shares: 15,925
Class B shares: 46,869

Catharina Persson


Born: 1975


Employed since 2013. Degree in Economics and former CFO at ACAP Invest AB (publ).


Other roles:
Chair of Wind Farms Götaland Svealand AB and Wind Farm Jenasen AB. Board member of SD Förvaltning i Malmö AB.


Class A shares: 0
Class B shares: 5,579

Karl Olsson

Corporate lawyer

Born: 1963


Employed since 2011. Law degree. Has previously worked as a lawyer at Setterwalls and Linklaters law firms and been a corporate lawyer on Vattenfall AB’s group staff. Has also worked for and been part of the management team of Awapatent AB, as well as running his own business called Terrier Law AB before he joined Eolus.


Other roles:
Chair of Vindkraft i Dalåsen AB. Board member and CEO of Terrier Law AB. Board member of Skogskovall AB and Rockneby Vind AB. Special service recipient for Snickaregatan Holding AB.


Class A shares: 0
Class B shares: 8,231

Karin Wittsell Heydl

Head of Communications, Sustainability, IT

Born: 1972


Employed since 2022. Has worked with communications in several different sectors, including as Director of Corporate Communications and Marketing at Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB.


Other roles:




Class A shares: 0
Class B shares: 0

Among other things, the EU Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) means that senior executives within Eolus and their related parties must report transactions in excess of EUR 5,000 in a calendar year relating to securities issued by Eolus to the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. The transactions are reported to the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority, but this body does not keep a list of the management and Board of Directors’ holdings. Eolus provides information about these persons’ holdings in connection with their profile presentations on the website. Transactions that mean the threshold of EUR 5,000 is exceeded are published on the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority’s website.