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Business Ethics and Whistleblowing

For Eolus it is important to act responsibly in our business relations and create value for our stakeholders. Essentially it comes down to ensuring that we are a trusted company. Our guiding values state that we shall act responsibly, strive for dialogue, inspire confidence, and show positive results. Therefore, we have a Code of Conduct at Eolus that all employees and consultants are obliged to follow.

Business Ethics

Several of Eolus employees have external contacts in their day-to-day work, for example with authorities that handle permitting, as well as clients and suppliers where large transactions are conducted.

For Eolus it is important to follow national anticorruption laws and regulations in the countries where we are active, and we work proactively to prevent corruption, bribery, and fraud in our value chain.

Eolus Code of Conduct. (pdf)


The purpose of the whistleblowing channel is to ensure that employees, and those who work as consultants within the Eolus group, can alert about irregularities and misconduct. Eolus actively encourages employees and consultants to report irregularities, misconduct, and serious incidents, and have internal processes to safeguard the whistleblower and ensure that the whistleblower is not subject to any disciplinary or punitive action.

What can be reported?

All irregularities and serious incidents that are perceived as violations of laws, ordinances, regulations or policies, guidelines or routines adopted by Eolus can be reported. Reports must always be made in good faith and not be unfounded accusations or attempts to achieve personal gain in any way.

Reports to the whistleblower channel can include suspicions of:

  • An unlawful act, whether civil or criminal
  • Fraud or financial crime
  • Bribery or corruption
  • Conflicts of interest.
  • Serious security deficiencies.
  • Serious misconduct and discrimination including sexual harassment.
  • Serious practices likely to cause environmental hazards or damage.
  • Leaking of sensitive information.
  • Manipulation of company data / records / systems..

This list is not exhaustive but is intended to give an indication of the kind of conduct, which might be considered as wrongdoing.

Eolus guidlines for Whistleblowing. (pdf)