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Dividend policy

The Board of Directors has adopted a dividend policy entailing that over a longer period dividends issued by Eolus will be guided by the company’s financial results and correspond to 20–50% of the company’s profit after tax. However, dividends will be adjusted according to the company’s investment requirements and financial position. In view of the fluctuations in the company’s sales and earnings, the Board of Directors has designed the dividend policy so that dividends do not need to be within this range every single year. The current dividend policy was adopted in 2011/2012.

Dividends are paid to shareholders with an entry in the shareholder register maintained by Euroclear on the record date set at the Annual General Meeting. The payment of dividends is arranged by Euroclear or, in the case of nominee-registered shareholdings, in accordance with each nominee’s procedures. If shareholders cannot be reached through Euroclear, the shareholder’s claim on the company regarding dividend amounts will not lapse and will only be restricted by statutory limitations. At the end of any such limitation period, the dividend amount will accrue to the company. There are no special regulations, restrictions or procedures pertaining to dividends for shareholders resident outside Sweden.