Project Vilseberga is located approximately 7.5 kilometers southwest of Vadstena in Östergötland. The landscape can be described as an open and extensive landscape, characterized by large-scale agriculture. The proximity to Lake Vättern to the west, and the Lake Tåkern to the south, gives very good wind supply and wind quality, as the lakes are also in predominant wind directions.

The building permit application / environmental application was submitted in November 2010 and came into force in September 2015. The wind farm is sold in shares with large local ownership. Only two shares of a total of 32 are owned by private individuals or companies outside Vadstena's municipal boundaries. When the wind farm is completed, it will be sold to a joint operating company for the owners and Eolus will be responsible for asset management of the plant on behalf of customers.


February 2017 – July 2017: Construction of access roads, crane sites, electric mains and foundations.
August 2017: Installation of wind turbines.
August 2017 – September 2017: Start-up and commissioning.
September 2017: Delivery to end customer.

Quick facts

Name of the wind farm: Vilseberga

Municipality: Vadstena

Number of turbines: 2 Vestas V100 – 2.2 MW, 95 meters hub height.

Installed capacity: 4.4 MW

Estimated production: About 14.8 GWh/year

Thomas Andersson

Construction Manager


+46 (0)761-45 16 30

Thomas Andersson