Vindkraftverk till havs.

Arkona wind farm

Eolus is planning a wind farm just over 22 km south of the south coast of Skåne within Sweden’s exclusive economic zone.

Arkona vindkraftspark

Skåne consumes approximately 13 TWh of electricity every year but the region only generates around 3 TWh per year. Forecasts indicate that electricity consumption is expected to rise to around 16 TWh per year by 2040, so there is a pressing need to expand renewable energy generation in order to reduce the shortfall in the region’s generation capacity. The business community in the region has a major need for electricity in order to remain competitive and to be able to develop its activities in the ongoing electrification of society.


The Arkona wind farm has the potential for up to approximately 1,200 MW of installed capacity, equivalent to an additional 5.5 TWh of renewable electricity per year. This establishment could therefore more than double the current level of electricity generation in Skåne.


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