Over the years, Eolus has arranged seminars where we gather to discuss wind power, the environment and renewable energy. These seminars have been held in Hässleholm and have been free of charge and open to anyone interested.

Here you will find details of some of the speakers at seminars in recent years.

Mikael Odenberg Eolus Seminar 2020 Hässleholm

Markku Rummukainen Eolus Seminar 2020 Hässleholm

Kikki Kleiven Eolus Seminar 2019 Hässleholm

Mattias Goldmann Eolus Seminar 2019 Hässleholm

Tomas Kåberger Eolus Seminar 2018 Hässleholm

Maria Wetterstrand Eolus Seminar 2016 Hässleholm

Svante Axelsson - Eolus Seminar 2015 Hässleholm