A pioneering spirit, expertise and good business sense have taken us a long way.

Attractive and competitive investments in renewable energy generation for investors who wants to make a difference.

Since the company’s inception thirty years ago, Eolus has grown to become a leading wind power developer in the Nordic region. Today, we develop, establish and manage renewable energy projects in onshore and offshore wind power, solar power and energy storage. The company offers attractive and competitive investment opportunities in the Nordic region, the US, Poland and the Baltics to both local and international investors. With our competent and dedicated staff, we are taking the company forward at a rapid pace and driving the transition to renewable electricity generation. 

Focus on the future

Few others saw the electricity-generating potential of wind back in 1990 when Eolus was founded and immediately took on the role as a wind power pioneer. We have maintained our forward-thinking approach and the company is growing in line with global demand for renewable energy to ensure a sustainable future. We have built up Eolus, and continue to grow the company, on the basis of knowledge and commitment and a strong desire to make a difference. We are in a highly expansive phase and devoting extra effort to communicating the opportunities to drive change and develop as an employee at Eolus. Quite simply, we need to attract more people with the right skills and motivation in order to continue our progress – establishing Eolus in new markets and in more technologies.

Eolus facts

Business concept

Eolus aims to create value at every level of project development, establishment and operation of renewable energy facilities and energy storage, and offer attractive and competitive investment opportunities to both local and international investors.


Eolus vision is to be the most profitable renewable energy developer and an attractive business partner in the transition to a sustainable society.



We are taking responsibility for the transition to a sustainable society. We act responsibly in our contacts with authorities, local residents, customers and shareholders.

Our income statement is positive and our balance sheet shows financial strength. With our facilities, we also aim to offer our customers a profitable investment as well as favourable terms for the landowners concerned.

Eolus värdegrund - ansvar, delaktighet, förtroende och resultat


We strive for dialogue and engagement with all stakeholders affected by our projects and offer opportunities for investment in renewable energy.


By acting in a consistent manner in regards to responsibility, participation and results, we will inspire the confidence of shareholders, customers, banks, authorities, landowners and the public.

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