Public-sector investors

In recent years, it has become increasingly common for municipalities and county councils to invest in their own wind turbines or wind farms. Naturally the various parties have differing motivations for their investments, but the clearest trends relate to gaining control over and reducing their own electricity costs, while simultaneously getting involved and contributing to the transition to sustainable electricity generation. Municipalities and county councils consume large quantities of electricity, and this high consumption tends to be relatively even over 24-hour periods and over the year.

Region Skåne chose Eolus

Eolus has strong, competitive offerings for investors in this category. These new establishments as well as already operational facilities. Eolus has participated in, and secured, public procurements for wind turbines. In September 2014 Eolus secured the largest public procurement held by Region Skåne to that point. The contract means that Eolus will build six Vestas V126 3.3 MW wind turbines with an estimated annual generation of about 54 GWh for Region Skåne.

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