At the end of 2014, the amount of installed capacity in Finland was 627 MW, with additional development of 184 MW during the year. In June 2014, Eolus entered the Finnish market through the acquisition of two projects under development. Eolus has since acquired a share corresponding to 30 MW in the Pörtom wind power project. The remaining part of the project (an additional ten wind turbine sites) is owned by the Swedish company Vindin, which has signed a partnership agreement with Eolus for the remaining project development. Eolus conducts project development in Finland with a total installed capacity potential of 40 MW.

The Finnish system, with a fixed price for the generation of renewable electricity – or a feed-in tariff (FIT) policy – has increased investor appetite and market activity. However, a lowering of ambitions by the new government regarding the development of wind power within the framework of the support scheme has caused some concern. The Finnish market is considerably less mature than the Swedish market, and Eolus sees potential for increasing the proportion of wind power in Finland’s electricity generation.