Land lease

Eolus is continually searching for more suitable locations for the development of wind power. Are you interested in leasing your land? Feel free to contact us at Eolus for an initial assessment of your property or properties. Several factors affect the prospects for initiating a wind-power project in a particular location. The location must be a certain distance from residences, and it must be possible to get on well with other community interests. Other considerations are flora and fauna, grid connections and last but not least the wind conditions – which must be good. Landowners who choose to lease out their land for wind power do not need to have a desire to invest in the wind turbines themselves. The rent they receive is ordinarily based on a percentage of the income of the wind turbine(s).

How we assess the possibilities

Open landscapes and elevated areas in woodlands often provide favorable wind conditions. When Eolus receives an expression of interest in a leasehold arrangement, we perform an initial review of the property/properties based on maps that show potential opposing community interests and the results of completing a wind map – a sort of survey of wind conditions. It is important to have as much information as possible in order to evaluate the location and its potential for wind power. This includes property designations in the registry of land ownership, which must be provided. After Eolus has processed the comprehensive documentation, we will contact you regarding the suitability of your land for a potential establishment.

Does this sound interesting?

Notify us of your interest by using the form to fill in and submit the information about your property. A map of the property/properties would be welcome if you are able to include one.