Invest in wind power

As one of Sweden’s leading wind power developers, Eolus provides investors with numerous choices. We have a unique and broad customer base thanks to the offerings we are able to bring to market. We offer attractive investment opportunities in large and small wind farms, individual turbines and shares in turbines.

Our long-term presence in the Swedish market means that the company has a large portfolio of projects in Electricity Price Areas 2, 3 and 4 in Sweden. In addition, a large number of projects have already been granted the permits required to begin construction and establishment. Eolus also has operational wind turbines and wind farms available for sale.

Sustainable investments since 1990

Eolus has established more than 650 wind turbines since the company’s inception in 1990, giving thousands of companies and individuals the opportunity to make attractive investments in wind power. With Eolus as your partner, you’ll receive tailor-made solutions that are right for you and your company. Eolus also offers a comprehensive set of asset management services to provide investors with secure and trouble-free ownership. An investment in wind power provides you with a long-term financial investment, while helping with the transition of the energy system.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us. Let’s work together to review your options for success, while contributing to the transition to a sustainable energy system.

In addition to its Swedish operations, Eolus operates in Norway, Finland, the US and the Baltic countries. However, the projects in these countries are at an earlier stage than in Sweden.