Asset management

Interested in problem-free ownership? Ownership where production is maximized and the safety of your investment is put first. Then you should take advantage of Eolus’s complete asset management services concept.

Eolus Vind’s asset management services fall into the following categories: Financial administration, technical services, working environment, the environment, health and safety. Together they constitute a complete offering that helps owners of wind power facilities to operate them more professionally.

Three reasons to choose Eolus’s asset management services

  1. You’ll have your own contact person at Eolus for all issues related to your wind power facility.
  2. We provide monthly reports that clearly describe your facility and its performance.
  3. We have the knowledge and experience to help make your investment successful.

Efficiency and reliability

Eolus offers full asset management services for wind-power owners. Regardless of whether your facility consists of one turbine or several, Eolus can help make your ownership experience trouble-free. Ownership where production is maximized and the safety of your investment is put first.

Experience and capacity

Eolus has extensive experience in managing everything needed for the successful ownership of wind power facilities. Eolus has established over 470 wind turbines since its inception in 1990. We manage our own wind power portfolio, as well as wind power facilities for other operators, ranging from individual turbines to large farms. Our international clients include Munich Re, ewz, Aquila Capital och KGAL.

We offer wind-power owners the opportunity to select all of our services or just some of them. See our brochure for more information on the scope of our services and the possibilities.

Eolus also offers consultancy services in wind power establishment. These consultancy services include procurement, project management, wind resource assessments, noise impact assessments and environmental impact assessments.

Would you like to find out more or discuss the needs of your facility? Please contact Johan Larsson at +46 (0)703-90 90 50 or

Video on Eolus’s asset management services

Eolus Operations brochure – English

Eolus Operations brochure – Swedish