Strategy and objectives

Eolus Vind specializes in three business areas:

  1. Development of wind power facilities
  2. Electricity generation
  3. Asset management services for owners of wind power facilities.

In addition to these areas, Eolus can serve as consultants during various stages of wind-power projects for external customers.

Eolus Vind’s main concept is to develop and construct wind power facilities in areas with favorable wind conditions. Projects are mainly realized through sales of turnkey operational facilities. Our business model also allows parts of the project portfolio to be realized through sales of project rights for permitted projects and projects under development. Eolus also uses its own wind power facilities to generate electricity. Holdings of operational facilities constitute long and short-term inventories, of which individual facilities are always for sale.

Risk assessment

The initial phases of all project development operations take place at Eolus’s own risk. The project development strategy is therefore to focus on projects that are most likely to be implemented, and to develop them with highest possible quality at the lowest possible cost. This allows us to offer end-investors facilities that provide the lowest possible price per MWh of electricity generated over the life of the facility.

Thoroughness at an early stage

Access to potential projects is favorable. A careful selection process is therefore vital, combined with an early commercial focus. This ensures that projects with the greatest potential receive sufficient priority. A linchpin in project development is to only implement projects on sites where Eolus would be interested in owning turbines. Wind power development contains uncertainty about how accurately the generation estimates reflect the actual generation. This uncertainty can be largely reduced by conducting analyses based on wind measurements, normally over a period of at least one year, and by the expertise and experience of the project developers. The company therefore conducts wind measurements for all major projects.

Leasehold agreements secure user rights

Eolus normally secures user rights through leasehold agreements, rather than owning the land where turbines are constructed. The company’s strategy is to offer landowners a market-based lease that is normally paid annually and is equivalent to a certain percentage of the value of the electricity generated by the facility. Based on Eolus’s track record of a high implementation rate for initiated projects, Eolus receives favorable terms in partnerships with land owners.