Wind power seminar 2017

In accordance with tradition Eolus arranged an environmental- and wind power seminar in conjunction with the Annual General Meeting. More than 300 people came to listen to a host of lectures and visit exhibitors that are in different ways connected with the wind power industry.

Videos from the presentations, along with previous presentations, can be seen by clicking here. Please not that all presentations this year was held in Swedish/Scandinavian. Individual presentations can be reached by clicking in the left top corner of the movie on the page with all Eolus presentations or by clicking below.


Kikki Kleiven, researcher at Bjerknes Center at the University of Bergen.

Klimatförändringar – anpassning och möjligheter.

Per Witalisson, CEO Eolus.

Vind i USA – Eolus möjligheter på världens näst största vindkraftsmarknad.

Per Witalisson, CEO Eolus.

Eolus bidrag till en marknad i förändring.

Marcus Landelin, Deputy CEO VD Eolus

Eolus bidrag till en marknad i förändring, fortsättning.

Mia Bodin, partner and Analysis Manager Bodecker Partners AB.

Vad händer på elcertifikatsmarknaden?

Thomas Nilsson, senior originator Axpo.

Elmarknadens drivkrafter och framtid.

Thomas Sterner, Professor of Environmental Economics, School of Economics at the University of Gothenburg.

Den nödvändiga omställningen av samhället.