Organization and management

The Group comprises the Parent Company, Eolus Vind AB (publ) and such wholly owned subsidiaries as Ekovind AB, Svenska Vindbolaget AB, Eolus Elnät AB, Eolus Wind Power Management AB, Eolus North America Inc, SIA Eolus, Eolus Vind Norway A/S, Eolus Oy, and the sub-subsidiary OÜ Baltic Wind Energy. In addition to the above companies, the Group also includes partly owned Blekinge Offshore AB and several other companies that have been formed to manage the development of specific wind power projects. Eolus owns 56% of Blekinge Offshore. The remaining shares are owned by Vingkraft and Vindin.

Eolus engages in project development, management and consultancy services. Ekovind manages the Group’s wind power facilities that are considered non-current assets. Svenska Vindbolaget performs project development, and Baltic Wind Energy manages two wind turbines in Estonia as well as being responsible for further project development in Estonia. SIA Eolus develops projects in Latvia. Eolus Vind Norge A/S develops projects in Norway, Eolus Oy develops projects in Finland and Eolus North America Inc develops projects in the US. Eolus Wind Power Management AB has operational responsibility for external customers’ and the Group’s own wind power facilities. Blekinge Offshore is developing an offshore wind power project in the Bight of Hanö.

Eolus currently has about 40 employees. Its head office is in Hässleholm, Sweden. Eolus also has offices in the Swedish cities of Gothenburg and Halmstad.

The majority of our staff work on acquiring land, designing projects, and the building and environmental permit process. Most of our employees have Master’s or Bachelor’s degrees in engineering, specializing in energy or the environment. Eolus does not have a construction organization itself. Instead it hires the best subcontractors for each project who work under the management of our construction coordinator. After the contract work is completed, the wind turbines are installed on site by their manufacturers.

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