Business concept

Eolus aims to create added value in all stages of development, establishment and operation of renewable energy facilities, and to offer attractive and competitive investment objects to both local and international investors.

Favorable wind conditions are essential

Eolus Vind’s main concept is to develop and construct wind power facilities in areas with favorable wind conditions. Our projects are mainly realized through sales of turnkey operational facilities. Our business model also allows parts of the project portfolio to be realized through sales of project rights for permitted projects and projects under development.

Generation and sales

The company also uses its own wind power facilities to generate electricity. Its holdings of operational facilities consist of non-current assets and inventories of wind turbines. New wind turbines may be established, and existing turbines may be divested to customers that wish to invest in operational facilities, in order to continuously develop and renew the wind power portfolio for electricity generation.

Eolus offers full asset management services for wind-power owners, regardless of whether their facility consists of a single or multiple turbines. The services provide investors with trouble-free ownership.

Eolus– a group of companies

The Group comprises the Parent Company, Eolus Vind AB (publ), and the subsidiaries Ekovind AB, Svenska Vindbolaget AB, Blekinge Offshore AB, Eolus Elnät AB, SIA Eolus, Eolus Vind Norge A/S, Eolus Oy, Eolus Wind Power Management AB, Eolus North America Inc. and the sub-subsidiary OÜ Baltic Wind Energy. In addition to the above companies, several other companies formed to manage the development of specific wind power projects are also part of the Group.